High-Performance Profitable Reliable Best Value Scalable Solar Mini-Grids

Our system optimizes the power uptime through our weather-synchronized software, cloud-based communication, and payment collection automation. This makes your mini-grid experience easy and smooth.

Low Operating Cost

Remotely managing your solar mini-grid assets means fewer site visits, which substantially cuts operating costs.

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AI enabled

Our AI load controls make energy generation and consumption efficient thereby maximizing mini-grid up-time

Seamless Process

Managed Grids

We believe in making your experience simple and financially sustainable. High-quality equipment, state of the art software and a unique rental option are there to ensure the longevity and reliability of your solar mini-grid.

Site Assessment

We use tried-and-true methodology, satellite data and software to confirm the size and financials of your site.

Solar Mini-Grid Design And Installation

Our standardized and automated process enables solar mini-grids to be installed promptly and expanded as necessary.

Procurement And Logistics

We partner with qualified vendors and get the necessary components for building a high quality solar mini-grid.

Technical Support

We train your mini-grid technicians and provide them pro-active technical support so you can focus on sales.

Dynamic Mini-Grid Sizing

You focus on adding new connections and we focus on increasing the size of the grid.

Smart Load Control

Our AI monitors past energy usage behaviour and future weather patterns to optimize your solar mini-grid up-time