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We install and run the technical operations of a solar mini-grid, so that you can focus on the sales and community engagement.

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At NXT Grid, we make it easy for you to own and operate your own solar mini-grid. We handle all the technical aspects of installing, deploying, and managing the solar mini-grid, while you focus on the business.

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We provide all the technical, and personnel support you need to install mini-grids.

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NXT Grid provides solar mini-grids that are reliable and profitable.

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NXT Grid solar mini-grids increase productive use of energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A solar mini-grid works by capturing solar energy through the solar panels and converting it into electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries, which can be used when the sun is not shining. The power is then distributed through a network of wires to homes and businesses in the area.

Solar mini-grids can be used to provide electricity to rural communities, schools, healthcare facilities, and small businesses. They can also be used to power irrigation systems, street lights, and other public infrastructure.

No. NXT Grid enables non-engineers, those with little to no experience in solar mini-grid operations, to deploy and manage their solar mini-grid and profit from it. NXT Grid provides technical know-how and operational automations to ensure that every solar mini-grid is a financial success.

Solar mini-grids offer consistent and dependable electricity access in remote areas, clean & quiet energy, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, competitive tariffs, and improved economic opportunities for communities.