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Mini-grids made easy

NXT Grid is a Franchising program for mini-grid developers. The NXT Grid Franchisees receive unprecedented support to design, construct and operate solar mini-grids.

With NXT Grid, solar mini-grids are finally easy. We help bringing your new mini-grid to life, by supporting your company from concept to operation. We conduct rigorous, data-driven site quality assessment, grid design and equipment selection optimised for scalability and profitability. We believe in mini-grids everywhere, and want you to be part of that vision.

For Developers, By Developers

After almost ten years building and operating solar mini-grids in rural Sub-Saharian Africa, we decided to share our knowledge and expertise with other companies.

We know what mini-grids can achieve for universal energy access, we have seen first-hand the change they can bring to communities and economic development. We learnt that successful mini-grids is a process, that includes community engagement, ongoing customers education and support, demand stimulation and much more. Our Franchisees get full access to our knowledge and support, to make sure each mini-grid is a profitable success.

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Equipment Financing

Financing a solar mini-grid is challenging, takes time and effort. Our Franchisees automatically access the NXT Grid Financing Program, covering the equipment of all their eligible projects.

You only need complete the Due Diligence once, as part of our onboarding process, then you can start submitting project proposals and quickly confirm if they are eligible for the standardised financing terms. Mini-grids should be easy, and so should be their financing.

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